Wednesday, September 17, 2008


Ceem . . . ceem . . . ceem . . . . . . . CEEM!

Alice demanded 'Cream' this morning. She's been acting with the tube of cream on my bedside table, lotioning me up and gently rubbing it in. It seems that I didn't take the hint quickly enough - she was very relieved when I finally asked if she wanted cream!

This morning she was creamed and massaged (like I used to do in the early days, somehow it had dropped out of our routine).

Tonight she role played and demanded again, I was quicker on the uptake and offered a massage on the changing table before PJs. She was well moisturised and relaxed - but demanded 'Ceem' 4 times for her back, I asked if she liked the massage and got a quick and definite nod of her head! She had 3 back rubs and tried to insist on another but Mummy's got to draw the line somewhere!! After her massage she then pretended to do the same to my back!! I love it when gentle actions are mirrored.

It's nice to know that she enjoys it now and probably did as a little one too. I don't think that I'm going to be allowed to forget this again and I've talked through the words she needs to say to Mummy (a technique that she responds very well to).

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