Sunday, September 28, 2008


I was up early to go to London - to look for an outfit for a special occasion in 2 weeks time. My favourite clothes shop closed last May (just as I was going to China) so I've really been too busy to notice too much, until now! I went to an alternative shop and had no joy - they said that I wasn't in the right frame of mind (to an extent they were right), however the clothes that they offered were drab and some were even unflattering! I was told that my expectations were out of date - but the dull colours weren't inspiring and wide legged trousers don't suit me - let's now even start on the prices!

I then went to a famous underwear provider and was much more successful! It was just across the road from H*arrods - so I popped in there too, with Alice's birthday approaching I went straight to their extensive toy department - but they were out of stock so I couldn't buy her a doll's bed (though that's now in hand!)

I made it back to Paddington Station in time to catch the 3:45pm train - I should have been home for 6pm, but then we were diverted to avoid a broken down train between Bristol and the Severn Tunnel. I was home before 7 and found Alice next door (she was looked after all day before anyone worries, but M and T were sharing the care and I wasn't sure where she'd be!) She'd had a great day (finally seeing C and T - who she'd been asking about since Wednesday!)

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