Sunday, September 28, 2008


Today has been busy and eventful! I had a poor night, but Alice obliged and allowed me a lie-in! We had a slow start to the morning, when we eventually got up I gave Alice a bath, then I got her dressed before starting to get ready myself, unfortunately the leaf that I was about to remove from the bath mat was actually a DEAD RODENT.



I'll never know how I managed to get out of the bathroom and get us both downstairs. I was quite calm given the circumstances (in another post I'll explain about rodents, suffice to say I can't say or type the word with my feet on the floor!) M came and moved it. By this stage all plans had been forgotten and I was doing well to still be in the house (YES - it's that bad!) I had planned to go to the supermarket and then have lunch with Alice (she normally eats earlier than I do) - but by the time that I was functioning again it was too late for all that and Alice had to have a speedy lunch in order to get her to bed before my SW arrived.

I let Alice sleep in (late night last night after a busy day playing) so didn't get her up until after SW had left. We played with the FP toys all afternoon - she loves the house and the school in particular and I'm amazed how quickly her play is changing - though she still insists on shoving the adult figures into the upturned changing table! I managed to have our (planned) lunch at her suppertime, but the beef casserole wasn't as good as it should have been, not sure why!

C came over for a craft consultation this evening and we experimented with my C*ricut machine - neither of us get enough time to do it justice. After that we had a quick game (of the game that won't be revealed until after Christmas!)

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delucchi family said...

Hey share more about your crafts!!! What do you do ?? And is the cri-cut machine any good? I wanted to get the Robo craft, but then I worry I will have a machine I dont know how to use.
I try and do a weekely scrap at my house, but I cant find any other committed friends to join me!!
So, share please. Will have to resort to online scrapping soon.
Love jules