Sunday, September 28, 2008


Over 2 hours, non stop discussion and chat, 4 cups of tea, 1 cup of coffee and 1 jaffa cake!

Things seem to be going really well - if anything is going to stop this process it will be the medical not the SW's findings.

We're meeting regularly on a Sunday lunchtime - unconventional time but strangely it works for both of us. Before we finish a meeting we discuss the topic for the next meeting and then we both have time to prepare - read up or complete paperwork.

Today we dealt with straight facts before going on to discuss the list of Special Needs that I would consider - I think that I demonstrated that I'd done a fair amount of networking, research and deliberating. It's a crucial part of the Homestudy (HS) as it will determine the children that I'm eligible to be matched with. It's hard to be realistic about what's manageable and even trickier when combined with the effect of the relative vocabulary - moderate, severe, reasonable. We will review this part again towards the end of the paperwork stage. Next time we're reviewing my biography - which should be more straightforward as I've already updated it in table form for the LONG form that SS needed to begin this application.

I was delighted this afternoon when he told me that my enthusiasm was contagious! I really hope 'Lil Sis' (and Alice) will understand just how much that they were wanted, anticipated and planned for. I am excited about this but with a reserved element (the medical may cause great debate because I 'm single) and also a touch of sadness as this is the last time that I'll be paperchasing - as time consuming and stressful as it may seem it's also the most constructive part of the paperwork process where I can actually feel involved and influence the final result (this is probably one of those situations where you have to have BTDT to fully understand!)

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