Wednesday, September 17, 2008


My first SW visit is on Sunday.

Meanwhile I've got some paperwork to do. The Head of Adoption Team visited last Wednesday to complete some paperwork and sign forms. He left me with a form to do, 'Like last-time.' I glanced at the form while he was still here, I didn't remember it. I started completing the form during one of Alice's lunchtime naps, I definitely didn't have to do this last time - though the information was covered during the Homestudy process. Ugh, it's a long form and requires lots of detail - 1 page alone needs life and family events, education, qualifications, employment and all addresses for the whole of my childhood, the next requires the equivalent for the whole of my adult life. It's taken me several hours just to do those 2 pages (ended up being 4 A4s of word processing!)

The plan had been to start the HS but to get the checks done more immediately - enhanced CRB and medical. The medical was to be sent to the medical officer for consultation and then presented to an early Panel (before the rest of the HS), probably in November. Today I rang the GPs for an appointment to complete the medical - they can't fit it in until at least mid November and haven't even given me an exact date yet. Last time round Panel didn't have a problem with me being single or with my diabetes, but they did have a problem with those issues when combined, I did pass without issue but I think it caused a heated discussion. This time round (the Head of SS knowing what a worrier I am) I think that he wanted to remove the doubt so that (hopefully) having passed the medical part before the Panel that I attend and so reduce the stress of Panel Day.

So the news of the medical being delayed was a worry to me. I rang and spoke to the Head of the Adoption Team. He's happy to continue the process without Panel's go-ahead - I think that it was a cautious approach for obvious reasons, including reducing the stress of Panel Day for me. (Having reviewed the archives I realise that I've never documented my first experience of Panel - that will be rectified shortly.)

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