Monday, October 06, 2008


Nothing overly exciting, just busy!

Friday - work! M's in Scotland so T looked after Alice. Alice was happy. She took C to school and collected him too- she asks almost daily about T and C and so it's always a good day when she gets to see them both! Work was good - hectic and varied, the best days usually are.

Saturday - slower start, phew! C came round to see Alice, have lunch and play a little Q. We hatched a plan - at her suggestion, with her volunteering free labour, no argument from me and I'm exceedingly grateful. So after our Q matches and Alice's nap we visited a local garden centre and I bought a boot load (and my car has a BIG boot) of plants. After that I went into town to use a discount voucher that was soon to expire - Alice needed some birthday presents! I had planned to watch S*trictly C*ome D*ancing (the UK version of D*ancing W*ith T*he S*tars) but somehow I never managed to sit down for long enough.

Yesterday was hectic - church (Alice was a very loud sheep in the middle of the Gospel, embarrassing and embarrassingly loud - why is the 'Baa' for the 2 piece puzzle sheep so much more aggressive than the 'Baa' for the H*appyland one?), then I had to pop to another garden centre to pay for some flowers, dash home to meet C (to begin planting Saturday's purchases) and then make lunch. My SW arrived early, but we were running late and still eating lunch - why does that always happen to me? Alice napped late - as SW and I talked for a long time. There was just enough time to wake Alice, calm her (she doesn't always wake gently after her nap, especially if I have to wake her) and tidy the kitchen before the vicar arrived to discuss Alice's baptism!

At some point over the weekend I realised that with all the celebrations that are happening over the next week or so, I was going to need some thank you cards. Also I needed to take Alice to the GP about the melamine contamination of dairy products in China and the potential for kidney damage.

Today was just as hectic. I managed to get a urine sample from Alice and an appointment to see our GP - then I wrote her a quick note and enclosed some research and suggested notes from other GPs about testing and got all of that to the surgery 7 hours before the appointment. While we were in U I collected Daisy's ashes and paid the final bills - so I now have another box to add to the 2 in the Hall (Jolly and Busy), I found it really upsetting getting the box back. From U we went straight on to A'g - I dashed around a couple of shops for card making bits and failed to get any of the 3 things on my list! Then we went on to soft play - where I got the 'Guilts' about Alice not having a second birthday party (aside from the large party for her baptism on Sunday!) and invited several Mums and small children (from 7 days old to 3 and a half!) for tea next Wednesday. I must be a gluten for punishment, the next week or so is already frantically busy! T agreed to look after Alice during nap time - that allowed me to 'nip' to N'p (30 minutes away) to get the card making things and forget half the ingredients for cake making (at least 4 are needed in the next week!) We made it back to U for the GP's appointment (another post to come) and I remembered to buy milk and eggs while we were there! Home, supper for Alice, usual bedtime routine and then before I knew it it was nearly 8pm. Since then I've been emailing directions and notes about Sunday's baptism, chatting to friends, catching up on emails, feeding dogs, getting and eating supper and making endless notes about other things to do before Sunday. Somewhere in the day I also found the time to make 24 bows for thank you cards - now I need to find the time to make the cards to go with them.

I have a funny feeling that this week is only going to get more hectic - one day I'll meet myself coming back! Look out for the photos, I'll be the one doing the headless chicken impression!

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