Monday, October 13, 2008


Vomit, sorry but there's been quite a bit recently:
  • nap time on Friday
  • sometime Friday evening (whilst in her cot)
  • lunchtime Saturday
She obviously had a bit of a cold too, so I wasn't too worried as Alice vomits easily (that was something I worried about before I was a mum, doesn't bother me too much these days - as long as it's Alice, still can't deal with other people's!) So Saturday morning I watched closely for other symptoms - but she really was fine, I couldn't justify calling for an emergency appointment, they would have thought I was crackers.

Luckily she was OK yesterday - to those who know her well she wasn't quite herself, less resilient and a bit clingy, but OK. She went without her daytime sleep too - that never helps. The party ended quite early and we had some relaxing time in the garden after the visitors had gone - Alice clearly wasn't herself. So I got up this morning ready to ring the GPs for an appointment, I'd expected an afternoon appointment (which would have been tricky) but were lucky to get the last appointment of the morning.

The surgery is in U, it's at one end of a free car park. Unfortunately the car park is increasingly busy and it can take several laps to find a space these days. Today we were lucky and got a good space (wide enough to open doors on both sides, yes I have a big car) quickly and easily. We were nearly 10 minutes early for her appointment. 70 minutes later we were still waiting, ugh. Our GP is lovely, she does run late but not without good reason - so I sat there telling myself that others must have needed that time, I had to keep repeating it and it got more and more difficult to remember those others - especially as I suspected we only needed a quick consultation. I suspected that Alice had an ear or chest infection, despite the rattle and wheeze when she breathes it turned out to only be her right ear this time - so now we have a 5 day course of banana medicine.

Unsurprisingly Alice is off her food (another clue to illness). She didn't eat much yesterday and refused the supper that she'd agreed too as well as breakfast this morning (so I broke my loose no-snack rule and took biscuits with us to the Doc - they were a blessing!) This afternoon we had an appointment for Alice to have a renal ultrasound (to check for kidney stones following the contamination of infant formula and other dairy products in China). As we were due to walk out the door Alice vomited over herself and me. Luckily I was able to remove her fleece top layer and she was OK underneath, she only got me on the arm so I was able to wash it off. We were able to leave almost on time and I wasn't too flustered. I was worried that I hadn't been able to make her drink much - she's not the greatest of drinkers at the best of times and being poorly she doesn't take pressure well, so I hadn't managed to get her to drink.

The appointment was at a local private hospital. We walked in and they were expecting us, they smiled and greeted Alice by name. We were taken straight through. They were calm, welcoming and patient with Alice. The nurse showed her the ultrasound gel, told her it would be cold and asked if she wanted to see some, she did and then Alice rubbed it in a bit and they she showed us the television 'Where we'll look and see what you had for lunch.' The doctor (not sure if he was a doctor or radiographer, I think he was introduced as a doctor) came in an took his time, explaining to Alice and I as he went. After 10 seconds or so I decided that I couldn't watch the screen and distract Alice from touching the gel and keep her still all at once. I decided not to look, I knew that the kidneys had sections within them but I kept thinking what if they were stones not sections that I was seeing? After looking at both kidneys he then went on to check her bladder, liver and possibly her heart. I wasn't sure if he was going to comment on what he saw but he then told me that everything was normal and there was nothing to worry about. I was so relieved that I forgot to ask about stones but presumably if there had been stones then there would be something to worry about!!

It was only when we got home that I discovered that she had got vomit over me before we left - luckily I'd explained when we were greeted that she'd just vomited so I hope that they didn't think I was completely nutty!

No stones, phew!

And how was Alice by bedtime? Tired, more cranky than usual but happy to take her 'Mebsim'. And me? Relieved, counting my blessings and loving her all over again.


Janet said...

Hi Kate,
Its fantastic news that Alice is all clear after the milk scare. I hope she feels better soon, and that you find some time to wind down and relax after the last few weeks!
Lots of love

Gina (Caleeo) said...

Glad to hear that the ultrasound went well, but sorry that Alice is not feeling so great. Hope she is better soon.

Cristina said...

So glad Alice is OK!! I still have to make an appointment for our Alice to have her kidneys checked. Not really looking forward to that as she HATES the doctor - something to do with all the needles he has given her I think!
Cristina xx

3cmum said...


Though I don't know her well I thought she was just put out by all the folk invading her house on Sunday! So glad to know its just an ear infection.

WE have our ultrasound on Friday!

Will upload my photos tonight and see if anything is good enough to send you!