Sunday, October 12, 2008


Alice was baptised today.

It was a super day - more details to come in future posts.


Three Motherlands said...

Dear Kate:

These are such beautiful words ... all of your thoughts this evening. I'm so glad that I checked your blog before calling it a day. Such lovely sentiments and beautiful memories.

We are so happy that you and Alice had such a wonderful day, blessed with sunshine, warmth and surrounded by those you love ... some in person, some in spirit.

Wishing Alice a lifetime of sweet blessings!

Ellen, Mike and Annaliesa xxx

P.S. Our card probably didn't arrive in time but should be there by tomorrow!

Virginia and Doug said...

Congratulations! I wish Alice much luck, love and happiness in the days and years to come.

Gin =)

Janet said...

Wow! Alice just looks stunning :-)
Absolutely gorgeous :-)
Glad you all had a great day.
Lots of love