Sunday, October 12, 2008


It was my birthday on Friday.

I was too old to be specific about my new age - but if you read enough of the old posts you'll know!

It was a work day. It was busy, as usual. The children found out it was my birthday and several made me lovely cards. Due to the way the day worked out and me being (slightly) more organised than usual, I was able to leave work earlier than usual. I got home to discover that Alice had been sick during her afternoon nap. I really shouldn't have been surprised - Alice had been a little off-form and she seems to vomit easily when she's not 100% - especially on special days (including last Christmas Day).

We had 'Happy Day' cake (that's what Alice calls a birthday!) and she had great fun blowing out my candles - I've tried to upload some video of that but B*logger won't cooperate.

I went out for a pub supper - good company and delicious food, thanks D! But I got home again to discover that Alice had been sick again. She'd cried for a lot of the evening (which is extremely rare) and vomited at some stage whilst she was in her cot. If ever I discover that she's vomited I always get her up and change her - even if it means waking her up and disturbing her. That night she was awake and in need of a cuddle. I changed her. She was very clingy. Eventually I agreed with M that she would leave and lock up on her way out. Luckily I had a clean bottle upstairs (I didn't make it downstairs until the next morning).

I took Alice into my bed - she was still very clingy and couldn't even cope with me being out of sight. Eventually she agreed that I could tidy up my bedroom (within sight from my bed). Then she made it clear that she wanted milk - not a good idea after vomit so I offered her water, she was quite happy and drank several ounces. Then we watched 10 minutes or so of S*tricly before I said 'Goodnight' and turned out the light. She tossed and turned, the bed grew really hot, at some point she fell out the other side (it's over 6 feet wide and she usually sticks right to my side) and she kicked me a lot. Eventually (well after 2am) I shouted 'Enough!' and told her to stop fussing and go to sleep and she did. We both slept until after 8am but woke up grumpy having missed several hours sleep. I struggled to function on Saturday - I was even more forgetful than usual - pausing in mid sentence/task and loosing my train of thought. The effect on Alice was less obvious but she did sleep for nearly 3 hours on Saturday afternoon.

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