Wednesday, October 08, 2008


I'm not having a pity party . . . but it's just NOT right when you have to make your own birthday cake.


Beverly said...

I buy my own! I totally understand your feelings. Happy Belated.

Three Motherlands said...

Awwww. Just think ... in a year or so Alice will be singing Happy Birthday to you herself, and serving you her own specially made mudcakes! (And not the chocolate type, unfortunately).

You're in good company. I've been making or buying my own birthday cakes for years! This way I'm assured to have the type of cake I really love the most!

This year you'll have an extra special 'wish' to make when you blow out the candles! ;o)

Happy Birthday !!!
Ellen xxx

And P.S. --- Nothing wrong with pity parties! I have them all the time! A regular feature around here these days! We'll have a great BIG pity party when we come up to visit!