Thursday, October 09, 2008


Thank you for the comments about my birthday - it's tomorrow.

E's comment made me laugh - Alice would have helped make the cake but we were too busy today. I've been explaining about the big party on Sunday - Mummy's birthday first, big party then Alice's birthday. We've sung the 'Birthday Song' to practise and get the point across (not every night but once a week or so since Grandpa Nick's birthday on 5th Sept - when I discovered that she could sing it!) Anyway, tonight's rendition was followed by Alice blowing (out the 'candles') - I went to a staff meeting yesterday and I think that someone may have been practising with her while I was away!!

Even if I have to sing it with her tomorrow I'm going to try and film it - it'll never sound like this again, she makes every day so special.


Shawnstribe said...

Nooooo, have i missed it??????
I thought it was tomorrow!!!!
im sure it is tomorrow, pls put me out of my misery!!!!
with lots of love from the tribe

Janet said...

Happy Birthday Kate :-)
Have a great day, and sorry you had to make your own cake!
Lots of love

3cmum said...

Happy Birthday to YOU!!!!!!!!

Hope you have had a great day and are not too stressed by all the upcoming events.

BTW I have never had a made cake for me by my husband...if I want a cake I have to make it (or he buys something)!!

delucchi family said...

Happy birthday Kate, hope you have a great day with Alice singing her heart out to you!!
Love Jules

Virginia and Doug said...

Happy Birthday! Hope you get a chance to slow down and enjoy it.

Gin =)

Shawnstribe said...

Happy Birthday to a lovely Lady!!!!!
can't wait to hear how all the celebrations go!!!!
Happy Christening too!!!!!
love from us