Monday, October 06, 2008


I got Alice's urine sample this morning and then I made an appointment for this afternoon.

I got the info to the GP as quickly as I could.

We went for the appointment this afternoon. I was worried for many reasons:
  • Alice's referral medical (done in China) noted crystals in her urine - that and a small head circumference were the only issues to cause concern,
  • Alice's orphanage are typically Chinese and don't like to admit anything to their detriment - therefore I'll probably never definitely know whether or not she was exposed to contaminated formula,
  • Her urine sample was very dilute - the last time I saw such pale urine was from Jolly, when she had kidney failure,
  • Because I'm a worrier and life is hectic and when I'm busy I get stressed and when I'm stressed I worry more easily - vicious circle!
Anyway, GP was welcoming and sympathetic. Urine dip was clear, though not as acidic as expected. We decided against a blood test - as a negative result isn't reliable (kidney function could be significantly decreased before it showed - that's as I understand it), so we're being referred privately for a renal ultrasound - less invasive, more conclusive and less stressful for Alice and therefore for me! I gather that it shouldn't take too long for an appointment.

While I was there the GP offered me my flu jab - it was a good opportunity and though stretching the rules on appointments I appreciated the consideration and so willingly took her up on the offer! I got the needle stick, Alice got a sticker - that doesn't seem fair to me, that's parenthood (and I wouldn't change any of it)!!


Janet said...

Jet-lagged and wide awake at stupid o'clock so thought I'd catch up with everyone :-)
Love the "dubby" picture :-) Sounds like you've got rather a busy week ahead of you!! Try to make some time to relax (impossible I know!!).
Lots of love

Gina (Caleeo) said...

Hope the ultrasound goes well. It is absolutely not fair that you got the shot and she got the sticker!