Tuesday, November 18, 2008


Yesterday we returned to the music group that we tried several times in September. It was still a little babyish for Alice but it's a nice group of Mums and Grannies so we'll probably keep going but not every week.

Alice's behaviour in these type of groups is getting more challenging - she insists on getting up and wandering. Last week in T T they asked her to sit down - I don't have a problem with that, but they are more tolerant of other children - notably those children are around the same age or older but smaller than Alice. Although I enjoy the group I am getting rather fed up with this and other attitudes from the pair that host it - they always pick the same few children to participate and the quality of their preparation is variable. I hope that venting here will alleviate my negative feelings but I'm ready to quit - the problem is that there just aren't that many groups round here and this is the only activity like this that we do these days.

Alice is going to start at a local childcare nursery soon. Just one morning a week. I'm trying to break her in slowly. It'll be the first time that she's been away from me outside our home. It'll also be the first time that she's been in a group childcare setting. I've chosen this nursery as eventually it should offer me more options for childcare than a playgroup would. I'm sure I'll be more apprehensive than Alice. The plan is to start with the morning session and when she's settled to increase her time to include lunch and then the afternoon as well. I've chosen a day when a very good friend of hers is also in and in January another friend will also be there on Alice's morning.

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