Monday, November 10, 2008


No particular reasons, other than life in general!

Thursday - we gave up on potty training for now. Alice pooed in the bath (first time ever) having vomited on Wednesday evening, I'd reached my limit. She hasn't expressed an opinion on the return of nappies in the daytime, not even sure that she's noticed. She didn't ask about the potty either until last night, when she wanted to sit on it before bedtime, she did the same again tonight but no success either night. I'm happy to have postponed PT for now and unless she shows EVERY sign of being ready we'll leave it until the better weather after Easter next year.

Friday - work, after a very busy week it seemed an achievement just to be there - upright, dressed, clean clothes and awake! After school I dashed around (like a mad thing) to the supermarket and the GPs (collecting pills). I'm not sure where the evening went!

Saturday - friends arrived for a visit. We had a lovely time, lots of fun, playing, sharing, cooking and gossip, great! (More coming in a separate post!)

Sunday - more or less like Saturday, more fun and then goodbyes followed by Alice taking a very long nap!!

Today - a doctor's appointment, osteopath's appointment and tea with more friends. Alice has had a few spots (red, raised but no heads - she scratched them and now they've got scabs), she's still developing more (odd ones and twos, nothing remarkable), an upset stomach and horrendous nappy rash (that bled on Saturday, another first). The Doc checked it all and suspected a mild virus and prescribed a different nappy rash cream. The osteopath's appointment was for me, I go regularly to avoid back problems, I haven't been for a while - which became very clear once S got to work - it was painful at the time and I'm still a bit achy now, I'm going back next week (I hadn't been since September and it was too long a gap!) The tea with friends - super, lovely chats and nice to expand our circle of friends - O is a handsome little chap (only 5 weeks younger than Alice but so petite) and different in every way except being so lovely!

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