Monday, November 10, 2008


. . . no laughing matter . . . Alice woke screaming . . . one of those urgent, no time to waste, 'get here' cries . . . inconsolable . . .

My poor baby, screaming, inconsolable, writhing, so awful to watch.

Eventually I got her to listen to me (I love that she's old enough to understand more now), I asked if she was hurting, 'Yes,', I asked if it was her bottom hurting, 'Yes,' I explained that she needed 'mebcim', 'Yes,' and that she had to calm down to take it - amazingly through the hard crying she managed to calm sufficiently to take the syringe of the pink stuff (God Bless the Pink Stuff!) and then the crying ramped up again. When I could get her to focus I explained that poo (I'd felt a lot of wind!) would make her bottom hurt more and that I wanted to change her nappy. I talked her through what I was doing, the nappy was clean, I didn't touch but did change it just to be safe, she confirmed that she wanted more cream on and then I got her dressed again. After that she opted to go back in her cot (I was surprised she didn't want to go to 'Mummy's Bed') and she didn't make a peep as I kissed and did the leaving the room routine.

Everyday she amazes me - I'm so proud that she can understand so much and even in so much pain can focus to help me help her through it. Her behaviour through that episode this evening could teach so many adults so much and she's only just 2, incredible.


Beverly said...

hope she is better soon!

Janet said...

Hi Kate,
I hope poor Alice feels better soon. She is such a brave little girl.
Big hugs

Three Motherlands said...

Hi Kate:

So sorry to hear that Alice is poorly still. I so agree with you that it is a comfort when our children begin to really understand and are able to communicate to us their needs.

We had SUCH a wonderful time visiting you this weekend! And Daddy got all his DIY projects done while we were away!

I am so delighted that Alice and Princess AGX play so well together and that they will both grow up having the pleasure and the comfort of each other's friendship.

I'll be in touch separately, but wanted to just say a very heartfelt thanks for such a wonderful weekend! We are looking forward to our next visit already!

lots of love,
Ellen xxx

Gina (Caleeo) said...

I hope that Alice is doing better. I know how stressful that is for Mommy too. We went through the same thing about a week ago.

delucchi family said...

Sore bums are the worst, best thing for it is a bit of fresh air. Leave the potty training when they are poorly, poor little thing.
When you put her in the bath Kate, add a little salt to the water and tee tree oil, that will help the rash to heal quicker.
Hope that helps, email me if you want
Love Jules

Virginia and Doug said...

Poor thing. I hope she feels better soon.