Tuesday, November 04, 2008


First thing this morning Alice peed on the loo (with training seat in place so she wouldn't be flushed away)!

Swimming this morning, so training Pull-ups were used for the car journeys and the pictures disappeared on each journey (meaning Alice had had an accident).

By this afternoon I was ready to offer her a nappy but her naptime nappy was dry (despite wearing it for nearly 2 hours). D, D and A were coming over in the later afternoon for supper and fireworks. I started PT as D had started with A and Alice couldn't leave her potty alone when they visited last week. So I persevered and Alice wore cotton 'NickNicks'. She did have an accident while sitting on D, but D noticed very swiftly (wonder why?) and got the end of it in the potty.

Final score for today: 2 Pull-ups wet, 1 accident and 5 stickers.

Progress? Definitely! D noticed that Alice did go to the potty at least once during their visit and use it without prompting, hurray!! Alice always says 'No' when asked if she needs to go and then objects to being asked to try, but if you don't ask if she needs and just go straight to asking to sit on the potty she usually tries more willingly. She doesn't verbalise needs without being asked and while her face shows a reaction to an accident she doesn't say anything. Incentives? I'm still offering 'choc-ut' and stickers and lots of praise at the right use of the potty, Alice is still asking for choc-ut and being reminded what she has to do to get it, but then when she's done the right thing she doesn't ask for it! She still loves stickers but I'm not sure that they're an incentive. The happy dance, hugs and kisses seem to work best of all!

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