Monday, November 17, 2008


A helpful soul sorted out a temporary water supply via my neighbours (thanks especially to D & M for allowing me to use their supply for now!) The helpful soul (HS from now on) also dug a hole where the water seemed to be appearing to try and find the leak - we suspected major burst underground given the amount of water and it's sudden appearance in the yard.

The HS then quoted £800 to lay a new pipe across the yard - he'd already let on that it would take 2 men a day to do the work, dug a trench by hand with £100 included for the additional materials needed. He then proceeded to do the 'hard sell' telling me that established builders would be closer to £1,500 and take several week before they started, Christmas is coming and that the weather isn't favourable - he went on too much and I felt that he was over-egging the pudding!

Today - with yet more help from the neighbours, the hole was expanded until the pipe was found, a junction in the pipe had blown. They say that the solution is relatively straight forward and shouldn't take too long or cost too much - nowhere near the original £800 as quoted by HS! I'm hoping that they're right but at this point I'm assuming nothing and very grateful for wonderful neighbours and working taps!


Virginia and Doug said...

That's great news!

Three Motherlands said...

Kate, so glad that you are getting some help and lots of support from your neighbours. Times like this it is a blessing for kind neighbours! Sounds like you still have a way to go to sort out the problem, though you must be a little relieved to be making progress, even ever so gradually.

We're thinking of you and hoping that you'll be putting this whole experience behind you very, very soon!

loads of love,
Ellen xxx

Janet said...

Hi Kate,
I'm so glad to hear a solution seems to have been found! I hope you can get everything fixed quickly (and cheaply!).
Lots of love

Snickerdoodle said...

Wow. That's terrific news!!!!