Sunday, November 16, 2008


. . . in all the wrong places.

Last night I ran a bath for Alice, filled it hot (I know it's against H and S rules but it works for me and Alice can't reach in the bath or climb in yet!) and then tried to reduce the temperature with cold water. No. No cold water. Tried the basin, pressure was low but there was some water. Flushed the loo, cistern slow to refill. Tried the ensuite in the spare room, water but low pressure. Downstairs - water, better pressure but not right.

I rang the neighbours - over the road are on a bore (or is it boar?) hole, next door had water but maybe pressure was down. Then I rang the Water Authority - they knew of no problems and as we both had water they would investigate on Monday.

This morning the neighbours were round for a look before I got downstairs - the drive was flooding. I had no water upstairs and only a dribble downstairs but LOTS outside! T and D (neighbours) turned off the water from the mains (I'm on a meter so I was paying for the flood effect!) I rang the Water Authority again and a very nice man called Glen arrived within an hour.

The problem (as event in the yard) is my side of the meter so it's my problem, water authority may help but won't fix it. Ugh. Can't even have a cup of tea to soothe my problems.


Three Motherlands said...

Ugh. Not a fun time for you. I truly hope that it gets sorted out for you ASAP.

(I had a good laugh at your email to me earlier today! I've been known to use a similar sentiment!)

lots of love to you and Alice,
Ellen xxx

Virginia and Doug said...

It just keeps getting better doesn't it? My Dad is licensed plumber and I would offer his services (and some hot tea) but since we live waaay on the other side of the Pond...well. Hope your luck improves soon.


Janet said...

Oh no Kate!
I hope you manage to get it all fixed quickly! What a nightmare!
Lots of love

Snickerdoodle said...

Ack, don't you just hate to hear that "It's on your side". I've heard that a lot since moving two and a half years ago.

So sorry to hear about your flooding, least it's on the outside of your house, and not inside of your house. I've flooded inside soooooooooo many times in this house and my old house, that I think I've got bad water Karma. Really!....and have paid thousands to have them fixed. Hope yours doesn't cost a lot to fix. :)

Good luck and *hugs*
Snick :)