Monday, December 29, 2008


Yes, we've been gallivanting again.

We were supposed to have friends coming for coffee on Saturday morning - but with Alice recovering from a chest infection and me feeling rough I decided that it wasn't a good idea, so we had lots of food with no visitors to eat it! After lunch we packed up the car and battled the traffic to GFW's. We stayed 2 nights and came home today. We had lots of fun with them and even managed to get into one of my favourite shopping places and I managed to bag a few bargains (all clothes for Alice!) As usual it was lovely to see them - Baby L is now 9 months old (the same age as Alice when she came home), it was great to see how she's growing and changing but it was also bittersweet, seeing how much more physically advanced L is than Alice was and the implications as to why Alice was physically delayed.

Today was a much quieter drive home, we came back via GMJ's and it was super to see them and belatedly give them our presents. They were looking after 2 farm kittens for GMJ's younger brother - the kittens were lovely and Alice ADORED them!

The fudge cake . . . was intended for the coffee meet-up, instead it was shared among Alice's Godparents and their friends!

It was lovely to see our special friends, but coming home has once again confirmed how much we love being home, I can't wait to sleep in my own bed again!

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