Monday, December 29, 2008


Pudding comes home tomorrow, I'm really looking forward to having a Labrador again.

But I'm also nervous - rattled by the reaction of others, almost universally people express extreme surprise and ask if I'm crazy, usually after a short discussion they realise that I'm not crazy or (in this instance) impulsive and that this puppy has been long anticipated and is not an impulse purchase! But the more worrying part of their reactions is about the puppy's colour - everyone seems to believe that CHOCOLATE Labradors are the maddest form of Labrador and the most challenging to control, a vet even told me that in order of sense Labradors are black, then yellow and finally chocolate, though he was placated when I explained how lovely Pudding's Mum was.

Don't expect too many posts in the next few days - I'm expecting to be busy, mopping floors, cleaning carpets, standing outside in the cold and acting as umpire between Alice and Pudding!

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3cmum said...

Well I can't comment relative to other labradors as my chocolate is my first.

But relative to red setters, dobermans & shelties he is the easiest. Not quite as easy as the golden retriever we once had but alot smarter.

All I can say is keep all FOOD of any type/description behind locked doors FOREVER. Of course if mine at 3 1/2 suddenly gets better I'll let you know but he is having a real puppy regression.

The vet we see says that this is just labs being labs and the most important thing is to control weight! So once she is older start those long walks!

Puppy and daughter potty can do it together!

But no matter how hyper he is, love mine to death and want another.