Tuesday, December 30, 2008


M came round this morning to look after Alice while I went to get Pudding.

Pudding was not too happy in the car but only cried a little.

By the time I got home T had arrived too! Pudding wasn't too bothered about the new situation and started to explore pretty quickly - Fuss and Boo were behind the baby-gate in the dog-room but they were closely watching the situation. Pud was eager to meet the girls, but Fuss and Boo were far more hesitant. We let Pud explore the kitchen for a while and then let Boo out for more introductions - she tried to keep to the edge of the kitchen and sat down every time Pud came near! Then we swapped dogs and Fuss got the opportunity to avoid Pudding! Fuss has been very wary all day - not aggressive but wanting to be as high as possible and well out of the way. Pudding just wants to be friends and play.

Alice was keen to hold her and seems pleased to have her home

Pud ate lunch well and then had a long sleep before I took her for her first visit to the vet. I saw a vet that I respect highly, the same vet that came out to put Daisy to sleep. Pud did really well and was calmer in the car. She's slept for a huge amount of the day and the evening and she ate supper well too.

So Pudding so far:
  • has HUGE legs - she's going to be really big
  • is shorter than Fuss but significantly heavier
  • is still baggy in her skin
  • eats well
  • sleeps very well
  • doesn't like being in her baby playpen unless she's asleep
  • is very cuddly
  • snores LOUDLY
  • doesn't walk when she can gambol
  • has poor cornering skills and tends to skid or bump into things
  • likes to jump between the box bushes in the garden and nibble them round the edges
  • has slept everywhere
  • has true Labrador wind - heaven help us when she's fully grown!


Cristina said...

Ahh, she is SO cute!!! Enjoy your new little Pudding.

Cristina xxx

Virginia and Doug said...

Oh my goodness, Pudding is so cute. I think your're right, though, she's going to be huge. Just look at that head and those legs and paws. Alice looks adorable (and tickled pink) as well holding her new pup.

Gin =)

Kiy said...

Oh, just adorable - and I love love love the pic! Can't wait to read more of the adventures of Alice and Pudding!

Cheers, Kiy

Anonymous said...

Gorgeous! Congrats on the newest member of your family, hope she settles in well!

Best wishes
WL x

Janet said...

Hi Kate,
Those two look like they are going to be trouble with a capital T :-) Drama Teen and Little Prince call themselves Team Chaos and I think you have just formed your own Team Chaos lol.
Have fun and keep posting the gorgeous photos :-)
Lots of love and Happy New Year