Wednesday, December 24, 2008


We've put out mince pies and cider for Father Christmas, hung Alice's sack and left a carrot for Rudolph (though Alice wasn't happy leaving it all by the fireplace!)

Then we read a story about Father Christmas's journey on Christmas eve and listened to the high speed music that came with it! After that we read the Nativity story and found each part of the story in Alice's Nativity set (Fisher Price, hard to find, but Alice LOVES it!) and then we read the Nativity all over again! Alice insists that the lady in blue is called 'Mummy' and not Mary and the baby is 'Gee-is!'

I gave her her new PJs - Up*sy D*aisy ones, a great hit! For the first time ever Alice got down from my bed and ran into her nursery for bedtime! (The reminders about Father Christmas probably helped!)


Virginia and Doug said...

What adorable pictures of Alice, and what nice Christmas Eve memories you're making. Have a very Merry Christmas!

Gin =)

Beverly said...

What cute pics. Love the Christmas sack. Great idea.