Sunday, December 21, 2008


Yesterday we caught a steam train to see Father Christmas. Lovely trip but 2 disappointments - we went with K and her children E and A, so 5 of us went into see FC and I thought he was a bit rushed this year. As Alice is under 3 she travelled for free and had a 'baby' present - a logo teddy for the steam railway, I wasn't impressed with her pressie compared to the goody bag that the 3s and overs were given, luckily she didn't seem to mind! (Photos to follow in another post).

Then in the afternoon GFW, Aunty J and baby L came for a cuppa - during their pre-Christmas visit to GFW's parents'. It was super to see them but unfortunately L was really suffering with teething pain and I was suffering with painful behaviour from Alice (which was explained later on!)

Later in the afternoon, D, D and A brought a Chinese takeaway over for supper. Alice wasn't impressed with what was actually a delicious meal, she especially didn't appreciate the hot noddles. Partway through the meal she vomited, immediately afterwards she was in a much better humour and proceeded to demand ice cream and then more ice cream. Then the girls played while we watched the first part of the S*trictly C*ome D*ancing final - a great show, by this stage Alice had quite a hoarse voice and A was running a temperature. After the first SCD show D, D and A left and I put Alice to bed before the second part of the final. It was a great show - from the final 2 I wanted Tom to win but thought that Rachel was better dancer, until I saw Tom's free dance, fantastic! I actually agreed with the judges' scores from the first show and that Lisa should have won - but her free dance was a disappointment. Despite agreeing with the decision I still have a problem with the competition being turned into a popularity contest when it should be about the dancing and not the personalities!

Today's been quieter but just as busy as yesterday. Alice coughed sporadically through the night and more regularly through today. This morning we had a much needed visit to the supermarket. C arrived once Alice was in bed for her afternoon nap and with her guidance I worked on Alice's Christmas sack. The sack took over most of the afternoon and all of the evening (once Alice had gone to sleep) and I finally finished sewing on bells just after 10pm! I'm NOT a sew-er (or a sewer!) and so I'm very proud of the finished sack (photo on another post) - my Mum must be beaming (she was very good at sewing and always disappointed that I showed no interest or talent!)

Despite a busy weekend there's plenty more to be done before Thursday - including wrapping pressies, quite a bit of cooking and food shopping too. Happy Christmas everyone!

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