Friday, January 02, 2009


. . . to say Goodnight,
To say sleep tight, 'til the morning light,
The time has come to say Goodnight
It's the end of a lovely day!

We've had so much fun today,
Tomorrow's just a dream away,
And now it's time to say Goodnight
At the end of a lovely day!


This is the song that is sung at the end of CBeeb*ies every night.

The presenter Chris sings it, I sing it too and at the end Alice joins in with 'Goodnight' and then says 'Nigh-night Beebies' when the screen goes green with their end of transmission message. It's part of our bedtime routine. Tonight Alice surprised me and sang nearly every word, so special, tuneless but wonderful to hear.

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Three Motherlands said...

Okay. Now the 'tune' is lingering in my head! It'll be there for days! 'o)

We have a similar ritual here ... Charlie and Lola and then sometimes Night Garden. And then the bedtime.

Ahhhhhh. I hope there is always some bit of loveliness as part of your bedtime rituals with Alice.

Ellen xxx