Saturday, January 03, 2009


I can’t access the blog, so I’m trying remote blogging again!


Murphy’s at it again – the moment I work out how to get around the problem I forget all the excellent topics that I was prevented from posting about again! 


So, if in doubt I’ll blog about family life:

  • Alice isn’t quite right at the moment, she’s on stronger antibiotics and they’ve made her vomit today, joy!
  • My hands are still mouldy and sore despite being very conscientious with the cream.
  • Panel is in 5 days and I’m avoiding thinking about the consequences but I am worrying about the interview part of it and even more about being told the outcome.  I was told my appointment would be in the afternoon so I booked Alice to stay at Nursery all day (for the first time) and then I found out this week that my afternoon appointment is before 10am (so it’ll be a mad dash from Nursery to Panel – just like last time)! 
  • Little Sis - I’m asking for a child at least 3 years younger than Alice and today I finally realised that this means that she won’t have been conceived yet but maybe very soon.  It’s strange as a parent to discussing your own child’s conception at the same time being aware that I won’t be involved in it or even aware that it’s definitely occurred for over another 12 months!
  • Pudding’s still wonderful – messy and time-consuming but wonderful!  She’s beginning to know her name, she loves food, sleep, toys and affection and she aspires to be able to climb into the ‘big girls’’ bed and be their friends.  She and Boo played chase games several times today, every time Fuss tried to join in the game was stopped!  Both older dogs (can’t really refer to them as bigger as they won’t be in a week or two!) are getting used to her, Boo more than Fuss, but there’s still the odd growl – not helped by Pud’s lack of tack or subtlety!!  She seems to understand what’s expected when she’s outside but doesn’t understand that it’s not expected inside!!  Alice is getting better with her too (not that she wasn’t but now she understands more – especially the need to pick up her toys!)
  • We’ve had a super time over the Christmas holidays and just enjoyed having less timetabled activities and more time to just be, I’m beginning to get that ‘beginning of term’ sinking feeling – probably more about Panel on Thursday than School on Friday.

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Anonymous said...

Just wanted to say a big good luck for your panel! Hope everythig goes well.

WL x