Tuesday, February 17, 2009


***Graphic post***

Alice usually vomits immediately after (or towards the end of) a meal and usually its preceded by loud, sporadic burps.

During Sunday's supper the burps started, but her appetite was fine but halfway through her mouse she vomited several times over the course of a minute or so. It's quite forceful but calm - a strange combination. Afterwards she thought that she was hungry and she had a temperature, but after medicine she didn't really eat anything.

She hadn't had a nap on Sunday (as L and her family arrived at lunchtime and it seemed cruel for Alice to be in bed missing playtime now she's old enough to miss the occasional nap), so she went to sleep very quickly in the evening. On Monday morning she seemed fine and within minutes of waking she was demanding, 'Supper!' She ate well but then had a bad nappy - but with no other signs of grumpiness or illness - though she did take L's family departure hard.

Today she's been great, she kept going while we were shopping, tolerated waiting longer than I would have chosen for lunch and then more shopping, once we were back in the car to travel home she fell asleep quickly. Waking up when we got home was hard with quite a bit of crying, not being happy at anything and nothing was right. I couldn't get her interested in supper but I cooked a nutritious meal (after a dismal lunch), Alice picked the cheese out and ignored the veggie sauce and pasta - burping several times so I didn't push the food. She continued to be grumpy but grudgingly accepted some jelly - by then I just wanted her to have some energy inside her or something to be sick on. She wasn't sick but had a dreadful nappy - it changed our plans for the early evening and necessitated an emergency bath and the binning of her vest, ugh!

She was happy to snuggle and watch the end of A*laddin in 'Mummy's bed' but was very cross to be put to bed in her cot. 45 minutes later she started to cry and eventually ended up in the 'Big Girl's Bed' (BBG) in her room. I snuggled with her for a while but she was so grumpy that she wasn't really consoled by my presence. After a little soft crying she eventually fell asleep.

We have to stay home tomorrow to wait for a parcel to be delivered - the duvet for the BBG! I think it's a good thing that we'll be having a quiet day.

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