Wednesday, February 18, 2009


We had to stay in today to wait for a D*H*L delivery, it was here at 8am but even so I had decided that Alice needed a quiet day.

Just to recap:
Sunday - V during supper
Monday - hungry for breakfast, D in the morning
Tuesday - no appetite for supper followed by serious D

This morning she wanted W*eetabix for breakfast - that's her new breakfast of choice for the past 6 weeks or so (she hasn't had such a firm choice or a choice for so long, breakfast has always been iffy til now). Through the morning she was OK and asked to play games (dominoes and pop it in the post), she didn't have much of an appetite for lunch (stew and mash, mash is always a favourite). She slept well and I woke her after 2 hours, that always makes her grumpy. She wasn't interested in choosing her supper, had a last minute nappy change and then I sat her in her highchair, turned my back to 'dish up' and heard her vomit, no warning it just happened. So I cleared up and then offered her dry biscuits which she seemed keen on but then just played with.

Bedtime was whiney and tears threatened, yet another sign that Alice isn't well but with nearly 24 hours between the last 2 events she isn't quite poorly either. I was due to have a friend over to have lunch while Alice was at nursery tomorrow and we're both supposed to go to Wiltshire for lunch on Friday. Alice definitely won't be going to nursery tomorrow and I'm rather dubious that my other plans will happen either.


3cmum said...

Oh Kate
Is she teething? A just got some more molar type (not sure) but last month we had the D and some V also just before the teethng started..
And of course off food.
Hope she is better soon.

delucchi family said...

Poor Alice poor you.
Have you taken her to the dr?
Praying she gets better soon
Love Jules

Cristina said...

Poor little Alice -I hope she is feeling better soon.
Hugs, Cristina xx