Thursday, February 19, 2009


Alice still isn't well.

I called nursery first thing this morning to tell them of yesterday's events and explain her absence. I spent the morning cooking but otherwise it was quiet but with 1 nasty nappy. I was being careful with what she was eating so gave her scrambled eggs and toast for lunch, she didn't eat much (most unusual when well). Then she slept for over 2 hours, again very unusual. She was quiet this afternoon - happy to sit and watch a film and then cuddle for as many stories as I would read before another simple meal which she didn't eat much of.

I was supposed to have a friend visit for lunch, but we decided to postpone due to Alice's illness. Now I've also cancelled tomorrow's plans for meeting Grandad and Co and GMJ. Delaying or cancelling social plans isn't the end of the world but I really hope that she starts to feel better. When Alice sees the medicine ('Edsum!') she declares it, 'Make it ALL better!' Let's hope that it does.


Snickerdoodle said...

Gosh, your peanut has been unwell. I'm so sorry to hear that. I do hope she's better soon!

Spring is coming, and the bugs will go away. :)
Snick :)

Three Motherlands said...

Feel well soon, little Alice!

Cowgirl has chickenpox! Came down with them yesterday (finally!) and so far, so good but we are bracing ourselves for a rough few days ahead.

Hope you both have a better time soon!

Ellen xxx