Sunday, February 08, 2009


. . . I'm fed up with the weather! I don't mind snow when it's here, but it's all the weather forecasts predicting snow, it's the threat of snow and disruption that I find so wearing.

It snowed on Monday - blizzards for 15 minutes or so, enough to start to stick on the ground but not on the roads. On Tuesday we woke to a proper covering (but only just) and then it snowed for several hours during the later part of the morning, by the evening it was beginning to melt. On Wednesday it started to snow in the evening and again we woke to a covering on Thursday but it tended to melt through the day. Friday - more snow first thing and through the morning, melting later on. By today the garden was virtually clear of snow but the hill behind the house was still covered, we went out at lunchtime and there was more snow on most of our route than there was at home. It tried to snow this afternoon and the forecast again is for more snow and a winter storm tomorrow evening. The snow's hanging around - and they say that it hangs around waiting for more.

I know that we don't have snowfall to compare to levels in some parts of the Continent or US, but when snowfall is small or infrequent then lifestyles aren't very well suited to coping with the 'white stuff' when we see it!

This post - just goes to show how obsessed the Brits are with the weather!

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Janet said...

Hi Kate (from another weather obsessed Brit lol),
I want to hibernate and wake up when its warm!! I don't like being cold, I don't like slipping and I really don't like driving on ungritted rural roads!!
Even Little Prince is getting a bit fed up with all the snow now!!
Hopefully it will all be gone again soon!
Lots of love