Sunday, February 08, 2009


The Feedjit tool shows how people arrive and leave the blog, where they are, how they find the blog and where they go afterwards. Look here! It's quite interesting, particularly visitors who come through Google and the searches - mostly 'Adventures with Alice' (that's fine as long as I don't change the name!), more worryingly 'filled her wellies' seems to be effective too.


Snickerdoodle said...

I won't tell you we've had 130 cm of snow so far this winter and we've got 2 months left of it. :)

It's like the South in the US: they aren't prepared for it. No salters, no sanders, no snowplows, and no one knows how to drive on it, or in it. It does cause a whole host of issues, when you simply aren't used to it. Heck, here we're used to it, and it STILL causes all kinds of car accidents. Zillions of them!! ;)

Good luck with it all.
Snick :)

Anonymous said...

Sad to see how many readers are still using Internet Explorer rather than the superior Firefox, which you and I use.

Your can read about Firefox, and download it, free of course, here:-