Saturday, February 21, 2009


The weather was much warmer today, the sun shone and it felt warm enough to be outside in long sleeves but without coats.

We took full advantage, the kitchen door was open for several hours as the dogs and Alice wombled in the garden. I restricted Alice to the paths and paving and she's beginning to understand the boundaries (with a lot of reminding and positive reinforcement). 'Baby' had a good walk, Pudding stretched her legs before coming inside to pee on the carpet and Alice had fun - she didn't want to come in for lunch!

(And Cynthia - I agree!! If the rest of you want to know 'with what' you'll have to read recent comments!)

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The Things We Carried said...

Oh Alica is getting so big! And you puppy is reminding me that they are darling and hard on the carpet!