Monday, February 23, 2009


. . . you realise that the Labrador has learnt to PAUSE the washing machine!

Yup! Pudding (not yet 4 months old) has paused the washing machine twice today - the first time she paused it in the first minute and I doubted myself, second time round, no doubt, we're in trouble!!


Gina (Caleeo) said...

Yep - you are in trouble!

Three Motherlands said...

You have my complete sympathy!

Today, Bella ripped a rose bush out of the back garden. I guess having an hour to run in the country with a friend's dog, AND the two coming back here for another 30 minutes of rough and tumble --- just wasn't enough to quell the boredom!

I had wondered why she was out there so long and found her eating the enormous bush (thorns and all) under the patio table!

There's a part of me that isn't ready to see the film 'Marley and Me' when it comes out in March --- because I'm afraid of what might I'll learn might be coming in the next 12 months!!!


The Things We Carried said...

Oh no, she sounds like a toddler!