Thursday, February 26, 2009


In this house Thursdays are generally now known as 'Mummy Day'. Alice is in Nursery for most of the hours between 8:30am and 5:30pm. It's the day that I get the non-Alice jobs done.

This morning's drop-off wasn't pleasant. 3 weeks ago it was a snowy day - they put Alice's group with the older children in the older children's room, Alice was most unsettled by being in a different room. 2 weeks ago Alice struggled going into Nursery, big tears, screams, hysterical but not funny for either of us, I cried and found it very difficult too. Last week she was 'poorly' (before I realised that her illnesses were a symptom of teething). Today she started to protest as we left the house, demanding, 'Go Home!' She was fine in the car but started to cry as we arrived at Nursery, the crying ramped up as we walked towards her room and once we got there she was hysterical again. Amidst the tears I told her that I loved her and that I would be back later, reassuring her that 'Mummy's always come back!' I left as they were trying to distract her (unsuccessfully) with Joseff the rabbit. I could hear her scream as I walked down the corridor - I could hear that scream all day.

Not having had a day to myself for 4 weeks I was determined to make the most of it. I went straight to A'g to have passport photos taken for my adoption application to Thailand. Then I went on to the supermarket before going home. I didn't stop once I got home and had a very productive day.

Today's achievements, I:
  • got info on a new mobile phone package - which will hopefully save some £££,
  • did a major supermarket shop, including (hopefully) all the Easter eggs
  • got home, unpacked all the shopping, cleared out a cluttered kitchen cupboard and debugged the fridge,
  • did loads and loads and loads of washing (Pudding is now barricaded away from the that end of the dog room - I now have a laundry area!)
  • made several vital phone calls,
  • got some prep done for school tomorrow,
  • sent an urgent email or two,
  • parcelled up some unwanted Internet shopping, wrote some cards and got them all in the post (which is a major achievement for me!)
  • and somewhere in the middle of all that I had lunch in front of the computer!
I had 3 goals for today - I achieved 1 by sending an email, but the other 2 (application form and letter to Thailand, both for Little Sis's adoption) remain goals - hopefully for next week!

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Janet said...

Hi Kate,
I'm so sorry that Alice is finding nursery drop offs hard at the moment, its heart breaking isn't it? Big big hugs ((((((((()))))))))
Very well done for having such a productive day in spite of worrying about Alice though.
Lots of love