Sunday, February 01, 2009


I've been having wireless issues - the link has been dropping and the speed's been through the floor. This afternoon the link dropped over 5 times in less than 4 minutes - I couldn't even open Google to get a helpline number!! Neither could I send or receive email, in desperation I rang the operator and got put through.

As part of the help desk process I had to connect the laptop directly to the hub via Ethernet cable (a challenge to find rather than connect!) Pud was asleep when I started the call but I soon regretted leaving her snoozing in the playroom when she woke (she's had a very runny tummy since Friday and I'd begun to worry about my carpets!) So I'm sitting on the flags in the hall leaning against a radiator (and very quickly got a cold bum and a warm back), Pud wandered into the study (yes, THAT shortsighted, I forgot to shut the down when I retrieved the Ethernet cable) and eventually came to settle against the baby gate that was separating us! That's yet another reason why I love having a Labrador - and tonight my feet are warm, guess where Pud is?!

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delucchi family said...

How frustrating!! Catching up on my bloggy friends and I take it the PUD is a new puppy? Dogs and runny tummy not fun hey?
Alice is getting so big, are we seeing you at CACH this year?
Love Julia