Monday, February 02, 2009


'The worst snow in 18 years!'

Not round here, we had much more 2 years ago (when they'd just taken out the windows to replace the frames and put in)!

We woke to a dusting of snow this morning, enough to see but not enough to completely cover the lawn. Dusty flakes were swirling and seemed to go up as much as down. I showed Alice the view of the garden from my bedroom window, she was interested and she kept returning to the window saying 'Snow!'

We were due to go to Cardiff this morning with D and A. D and I decided that it wasn't sensible to drive that far given the forecast and the warnings on TV. For me it was a doubly good decision - as Pud still had diarrhoea and I wanted to take her to the vets. She's had diarrhoea since Friday night and this morning she didn't want her breakfast - that's when I really began to worry. I was brave and decided to take Alice with us. Pud was fine but Alice was challenging and eventually one of the receptionists offered to distract her (by that time she'd tried to go into the other surgery and gone back into reception too). Pud now has some clay based gunk and an orange pill, both to be taken 3 times per day. The vet wasn't too worried as she hadn't vomited. We came home and Pud took the first doses easily. She was sleepy as usual. Then at around 4pm she vomited - that made me worry even more, I put her to bed (uninterrupted sleep).

Meanwhile the snow got more serious, by 3pm we couldn't see the trees at the bottom of the far field, I cancelled my afternoon appointment and then the blizzard cleared! The snow's continued to fall, the flakes are fat sometimes and now the lawn is truly covered. According to GFN we're due to have significant snow between 7pm and the early hours, but the Welsh news say that it'll all be gone by tomorrow evening! Perhaps GFN was trying to make be feel better about all the provisions that I bought in a panic after he first mentioned snow just after Christmas!

Pud slept until suppertime when she began to cry from her puppy pen, getting the second doses into her was trickier than before. She inhaled her food with head down serious attitude and a wagging tail and now she's sleeping at my feet.

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