Tuesday, February 10, 2009


Pretending is a big part of Alice's playing. One scenario is particularly popular - pretending to go to bed on the little sofa, quick snore, wake up and tell me what she's going to do that day - and it's always the same, the same role play and the same thing to do the next day - go to soft play with D and A (so I've rung D and requested another playdate!)


Janet said...

Awwwww :-) That is so cute :-)

Shawnstribe said...

awwwww, heehee Alice is a cutie : )
thank you much fot the attachment, you are a star!!!
Accepted today for 2nd adoption, no social worker available: (
im praying ; )
Take care of your beautiful family : )

Tara and Dale said...

our daughter sojo is doing exactly the same thing... pretending to sleep over and over again. must be something about the age that finds this fascinating.

glad all is well! alice is a doll.