Thursday, March 19, 2009


My favourite dress shop closed last year. Me and my wardrobe have been at a loss ever since! I've been to several places but every shop has been a let down, til today! Today I went to Coventry - 100 miles, 2 hour drive, thank heavens for Sat Nav. I went to a shop that had sent me a mailshot 18 months ago. The owner was there alone today and she was great - chatty and friendly but also a good listener and very tolerant of all my quirks.

I'm not actually going to a ball, it's a wedding. I'd already decided that Alice would wear her Baptismal outfit again (i.e. Mummy's too stingy to buy another outfit!) I spent more on new accessories for Alice than the dress cost originally (it was a sale bargain!) But I was beginning to panic about what I would be wearing. In this new shop I actually had a choice of outfits that looked good, that felt appropriate and that I would wear again. So I now have an outfit for the wedding, I'm happy with it and it's in my favourite colour. The wedding is somewhere where I've never been and it's reported to be very breezy, 'The Day' will involve at least 2 boat trips and walking cobbled streets so the choice of attire is crucial. Now I've got the clothes 'sorted' I can begin to truly look forward to a very special day, hurray! (Can you tell I'm a stress-bucket?!)

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