Thursday, March 26, 2009


Monday - popped to the neighbours, then the supermarket and we were at soft play by 10:30am - that's quite an achievement for us! Home for lunch, took Alice upstairs and then decided to reorganise my wardrobe while we were up there. Then a neighbour brought her new baby over for coffee and a chat before Nana arrived to look after Alice while I went to school for Parents' Evening. I didn't get home until after 7pm and then later in the evening GFW and AJ came over for coffee. I didn't stop all day but the bits that should have been were great fun!

We had a very quiet day on Tuesday.

Wednesday - we went to nursery for an open session first thing in the morning, I'd prepared Alice for it but she cried nearly the whole time and didn't really want to play. I had a quick look in her 'Splash Book' before we left early for T*ick T*ock. Time seemed to slip through our fingers when we got home - I caught up on some laundry and phonecalls and later on Nana popped in for some photocopying. With Nana in the house Alice wasn't going to bed without a struggle so she stayed up. Later in the afternoon we had to pop out, when I asked Alice to put on her shoes because we were going out she responded, 'Not today Mummy!' Unfortunately Mummy over-ruled, 5 minutes each way in the car but she was still asleep before we were halfway home!

Today was another busy, busy day. Alice declared in the car on the way this morning, 'No like ***' she knows how to press my buttons and did so repeatedly all the way there. I was asked last week to swap my days this week, so I worked today instead of tomorrow. Usually there are 2 teachers in my class but today I was solo, I did half a day's playground duty and then followed the school day with more parents' consultations before collecting Alice from nursery (she was happily playing the drum to 'Tommy Thumb' when I got there and she said that she'd had a good day - playing with A and playing outside.) Meanwhile Pud has been raiding the laundry piles and has been wicked this evening too.

Tonight I'm very excited about a special weekend. I'm not organised and I'm concerned that expectation will spoil the event.

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