Wednesday, March 11, 2009


. . . me that is, not Alice. Alice is fine but because I'm feeling so rotten she's had a quiet day. I've had a quiet day feeling awful - a tummy bug and serious indigestion with no reason for it.

Tomorrow is Nursery Day - Alice has consistently denied that she's going to Nursery but will say that she won't cry and that if she doesn't cry she'll get a sticker. I think it's progress as even though the response is negative she is less adamant than she was (originally she'd go rigid, now it's 'just' denial). I expect that she'll cry again, but I'm hoping that she'll willingly stay. Nursery say (and in part I agree) that 1 day a week isn't sufficient to build a routine and so it'll take her longer to settle, I believe that the changes on 'Snow Day' are more to blame.

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Janet said...

Hi Kate,
I hope you are feeling better, big hugs ((((((())))) And I hope Alice managed the nursery transition too, big hugs for her and her gorgeous giggle (((((((()))))))
Lots of love