Monday, March 09, 2009


It will come as no surprise when I say that Alice LOVES her food.

Yesterday I had a complete sense of humour failure - Alice had a handful of blueberries from the pot that I'd put out for my supper, then I told her that was enough as they were for Mummy, within 5 minutes she came to me with the empty pot and told me, 'All gone!' whilst smerking. I was not happy, Alice quickly learnt just how cross I was as she went to bed early.

This morning she came to me and it was obvious that she had something in her mouth. She opened her mouth and showed me - the food looked like bolognaise sauce (we'd had some on Saturday but I knew that there was none left), then I realised that she'd stolen one of the dog's biscuits.

I think that FOOD might be her vice, I'm hoping that her tastes improve!

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Anonymous said...

Isabella still eats cat food, her favourite is Whiskers!!!! Thinking of you as we are here in Thailand!