Monday, March 09, 2009


. . . and 2 steps back?

I spoke to the lovely lady at WAG today. She hadn't received my 'Special Delivery' of the financial statement and supporting evidence at that point, but it was only 10am! Unfortunately neither had she received a full, official version of my Homestudy (only a photocopy) from my LA. I was really cross to discover that they still hadn't sent it off as they've had the HS for 3 months (but cold only have sent it 2 months ago). She was hoping to receive it early this week - I'll ring on Wednesday and check that she's got it, if not I'll be ringing the LA and ask for some explanations.

Meanwhile I'm hoping to send the rest of the application later this week.


Kiy said...

This is exactly why I am *so* amazed that you are brave enough to do it again! I still remember wanting to bash my head against the wall, sometimes daily. Add to the fact that you are going to have two? Whoa woman, you are amazing! I can't keep up with one.

Still, I watch your journey and have to admit it was us again. Keeping you in my thoughts (even when I have no time at the computer to check in!).


Janet said...

Hi Kate,
I hope you manage to get this sorted out, and quickly!!
Lots of love