Friday, March 13, 2009


I felt rotten this morning but my digestion seemed better so I dragged myself up (Alice was up twice last night - her sleep is worse now than at any time in the first year home). Alice was awake early too.

I'd rung work yesterday to warn them that I was feeling pretty dreadful and might not make it in today, the message changed like Chinese Whispers so by this morning they weren't expecting me and were slightly surprised when I walked in! I kept to my bananas and plain biscuit diet at school and when I came home I found myself making a sandwich before I realised how much better I felt! Nana also commented how much better I was looking this afternoon, phew! Despite feeling like a different person to yesterday I've still curtailed my plans for this weekend, so my shopping spree will have to wait until next week and I hope that I'll have time to work on my letter to Thailand.

Meanwhile Alice was pretty grumpy this morning and Nana reported that she was quite clingy all morning - needing lots of cuddles and stories to keep her going. C (T's younger son and one of Alice's favourite people) was here when I got home from school and they were having great fun in the garden - on the swing and in her car, they play beautifully together.

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Janet said...

Hi Kate,
So glad to hear you are feeling a bit better :-) Good luck with working on your Thailand letter :-)