Saturday, March 14, 2009


. . . new camera!! I bought my old camera (Canon Ixus 850) in December 2006, so it's just over 2 years old, the front is falling off, it's very scratched and I've never been happy with the shutter lag - coo, I almost sound like I know what I'm talking about! The lovely chap in JLP was a little distainful about my lack of knowledge until I told him that in just over 2 years I've probably taken over 25,000 photos and I showed him the state of my camera! I'd been saving my vouchers so the upgrade only cost £50, but then I spent extra on a new SD card and tripod. I've bought another Ixus, the cheapest model (THERE'S a first!) but with the greatest optical zoom - there seemed no point in spending the extra. I wasn't overly enthused with the new camera until I tried it! WOW, what a difference, so much clearer and quicker.

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Janet said...

Hi Kate,
It doesn't matter which camera you use, Alice will always look gorgeous :-) Have fun playing with your new toy :-)