Thursday, April 30, 2009


I woke up for the start of another normal week. I had a doctor's appointment and then I went on to aqua aerobics. The doc and my aqua friends were all aware that referral time was looming again, several people asked about the situation and I said that it could be soon but it might be another 2 or 3 months away.

It was a busy morning, I got home at noon and immediately rang my buddy 3CMum and refreshed RQ (a website for those following the Chinese Adoptive situation). C answered the phone I asked whether there was any news and as I did so RQ's leading post was that new referrals were arriving and that 1st Nov 05 was likely to be the cutoff, midway through asking C a question I blurted out . . . 'OMG I'm in!' or something like that! I could cry just remembering that lunchtime, it took 2 more days before I could confirm that I'd been referred a child and to discover that my baby was still so young and 7 days after that I finally got to look at my baby for the very first time, sitting in my car outside A'g sorting office before 7am!

The April 07 archive's here.

(Sadly that was 24 months ago and in the time since then just over 4 months more have been referred, my wait was 17 months (which was agony) but now some of those still in the queue have been waiting nearly 3 years and 2 months - my heart goes out to those people still waiting.)

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Janet said...

Hi Kate,
Wow it can't be TWO years ago!!! I remember seeing the RQ post that 1st Nov was in and trying all different ways to let you know!!!
And wow only 4 more months since then!! That just beggars belief! My heart goes out to everyone in the wait, it must be so hard.