Wednesday, April 29, 2009



Last week Alice pooped on the loo or the potty on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. Each time she'd come with me to the bathroom and took the opportunity when it was offered, she didn't ask to 'go' or indicate that she needed to, but for 3 successive days I didn't have to change a dirty nappy and it was good!! There was no opportunity for a repeat performance on Thursday as Alice was at nursery, I did tell them about the previous days' successes but they didn't catch Alice at the right moment.

On Friday I was still feeling awful (I should have worked last Thursday [long story] but didn't as I wasn't well enough), I made myself a tall, iced drink to try and help my very sore throat but Alice ended up drinking it! That was the final straw, having had plenty to drink that morning I decided it was time to try potty training Alice again (having tried last October). Within 5 minutes of putting her in cotton knickers I was regretting it, she had 2 accidents very quickly but then did quite well until I put her in a pull-up (we've always used nappies before) in mid afternoon so that I could snooze while she watched a D*isney DVD (I was still feeling pretty awful at this point!)

My tactic since Saturday has been pull-ups or knickers (if I'm feeling brave) at home and pull-ups when we're out and about. We're using 'feel and learn' pull-ups - they allow Alice to feel wet when she's had an accident and the pictures on the outside disappear at that point too, which make for an easy visual check. I've tried to reduce our gallivanting to keep Alice focused, but I haven't stopped going out completely.

On Monday we went to soft play, Alice used the facilities nearly 2 hours after last using the potty at home, success and no accidents. Yesterday she graduated to knickers, she had an accident just before teatime and another this morning, but generally she's going an hour or more between visits and seems to know what's expected and is quick to celebrate her successes! In the past 4 days she's had 2 accidents and this afternoon she asked to 'go'! In addition to that her naptime nappy has been dry everyday this week - on Monday she cried 20 mintues after being put to bed as she wanted to use the potty.

'By Jingo, I think she's getting it!!'

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Virginia and Doug said...

Way to go Alice! Kate, I hope you're feeling much better very soon.

Gin =)