Tuesday, April 14, 2009


Alice (observing her sandwich), 'Cheeeese I fink, no, dram!'

'No like cheese, don't like cheese, NO LIKE CHEESE!!' Alice wittered whilst eating her JAM sandwich, cheese however is a firm favourite despite what she says!!

(I'm loving her company even more at the moment, she has such a wicked sense of everything and a cheeky grin too.)

And then she shouted, 'Sammich! Talk nicely!!' She makes me giggle even when I shouldn't!


Gina (Caleeo) said...

Very cute! We are pretty firm jam lovers and cheese lovers around here too - and I am also enjoying some of the little things that O comes up with even when I shouldn't.

Sharon said...

kate, you are in the UK??????? I am on the TAUK group also, are you? Your adoption process is like ours in Aust. We have been told to expect 3 years wait for our next child. What about you in the UK? Email me, don't publish this ok.