Tuesday, April 14, 2009


I've been procrastinating about haircuts. My hairdresser went on maternity leave last October, I continued having appointments at the same salon with a different hairdresser, but it's 30 minutes away and I'm not overly impressed with the substitute (she's fine but she's not M!)

Alice hasn't had a trim since mid December, neither have I, we both need an appointment (should have had cuts before the wedding). I usually go every 4-6 weeks and it's been 4 months!

I've been asking around for recommendations for a while, but today Alice forced my hand. She cut her hair. I was sitting next to her but I was engrossed in a book, ugh! For once I didn't get cross, she looked so angelic (and innocent, despite evidence to the contrary) that all I could do was laugh! Then I Googled hairdressers again and in 24 hours time Alice has an appointment nearby for a haircut.

All I need to do now is decide if I can live with the short bits or if they need to be turned into a fringe!

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