Monday, April 13, 2009


Many years ago Mum and I agreed that the coincidence in a situation is discovering the link rather than the link existing. This happened after a series of coincidences resulted in my stepfather realising that I was going to the wedding of a school friend who was marrying the son of friends of his!

On Friday, on our way back from The Scillies, I had a text from GMJ letting me know that she knew that we'd had a good time. Strange. I'd texted her while we were away but hadn't hinted about our stay. She said we'd speak soon, we had a good chat this evening and discovered the coincidence! On Friday she'd spoken to a friend who'd just returned from staying at the same hotel and clearly remembered Alice - yet more proof of how noticeable we are in society.

The hotel that we'd stayed at wasn't full, I spoke to a handful of other residents. GMJ knew one of the other guests, one of the few that I'd spoken to! She reported that Alice had IMPECCABLE MANNERS - obviously she didn't see that much of us!!

Yet more proof that it's a small world, incredible, the coincidence, not just that we were in the same place but then that this lady should see GMJ for the first time in a while, mention her holiday and the wedding and then remember Alice, WOW!

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Markelle said...

We're at the same spot with our Ari and I'm making a shuttlefly photo book that has our process through our trip to China. It's hard covered and very nice. I don't have her finding spot and a few more details and I will add when she gets older. Hope that helps. She will be getting it for her two year Gotcha Day gift!