Sunday, April 12, 2009


. . . I knew that the time was coming when Alice would begin to process the knowledge of her adoption. It's come slightly earlier than I thought it would.

For the last few days Alice has been saying, 'Alice from China, adoctored,'

Being slow on the uptake I hadn't linked the adoctored with China and only realised this morning what she was actually referring to. I've gently repeated her phrases using the correct language.

I know that her simple photo book isn't going to be enough and I need to get started on a lifebook, other than that I don't know where I'm going on this other than her story needs to be simple and age appropriate. Any ideas?


Janet said...

Little Prince still likes his photo picture book. We "read" it and I expand on the details as he gets older. It works for us.

Anonymous said...

Hi Kate - we are now tackling lifebook mark 2 - which is a much more detailed version of L's story (she is now 4) however I think this might be a little too heavy for A at present. We did a much more toddler friendly version when L first came home. Written and printed on home computer, laminated and then ring bound (Ellen's tip - ring bound in wire not plastic). It is a simple, lots of photos version. Good for bedtime reading - I'm going to message you with the pages and what;s on them so you can have idea of content. Vicky x

RamblingMother said...

That is very cute "adoctored." My daughter says "abandaged" for abandonded. Both semi medical terms, hmmm.