Saturday, May 02, 2009


I'm never quite sure which day I should celebrate my referral - I found out that my date was the cutoff on 30th April, got confirmation of referral with very basic details (name, dob, province and after asking specifically I then found out that 'it' was a she!) on 2nd May and then 7 (long but happy) days later on 9th May I received the photos, paperwork and translation. But the 2nd of May was the day I feel had the biggest impact - the relief of final confirmation that I had a baby, the amazement that my baby was so young, the confusion about where Yunnan was (having watched and read about Chinese referrals for several years I had never heard of Yunnan), it was a very emotional day and the beginning of the best of my life.

Today I told Alice about the anniversary. We've been talking a lot about China and adoption recently, I'm not sure how much she really understands but she is beginning to parrot back my answers. Today we also 'bumped' into 1 of the other 2 girls who live in A'g who are 'adoctored' from China - she has a very similar name to Alice and is nearly 10 years older and she was one of the influential factors in my decision to adopt from China. Sometimes timings like this are too coincidental to be a coincidence.

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